Member Support can assist with your questions regarding Schedulepoint or general Club Operations.
BEFORE YOU CALL, visit our FAQ page to have most of your general questions answered.
If you are LOCKED OUT from Schedulepoint or your Flight Reservation appears in RED visit this page for assistance.
If you do need to contact Member Support, have any required information available to assist our Support Team.
We can be contacted via email: master@wetwindflyingclub.com or by calling (909)771-4211 for assistance.


We are located west part of Redlands municipal airport. We are not big at all. but we try to always keep the best aircraft condition.
We also provide aircraft maintenance service, upholstery service and aircraft export service.
If you have interested in our activity, visit our hangar. We are always open for yours.
When there is any problem on our aircraft, please
contact us or call (909)771-4211.
We try to respond to problem at a moment's notice.