I'm locked out from scheduling, how do I get my scheduling priveledges back?
Visit our special
page to assist in getting you back in the air.

I forgot to pay for a plane and now I am locked out from scheduling. What do I do?
Contact Member Support to verify the amount owed, then once the payment has been made, we can reinstate your scheduling privileges.

I forgot to pay for a plane and I was assessed a "Late Fee. What's a Late Fee?
If you do not pay for a flight in a timely manner, WESTWIND may assess you a" Late Fee". You have 12-hours to pay for a flight. Our payment system can be accessed from any computer in the world that has an Internet connection. In addition, consider your checkbook as part of your flight-gear. If you have an outstanding payment, you are not considered a "Member in Good Standing" and are not authorized to act as Pilot-in-Command of a WESTWIND aircraft.

Why do I need a valid email address to join WESTWIND FLYING CLUB?
We send the club newsletter and periodic important notifications via email.

How do I obtain an email address?
There are many free email providers, Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail are just a few. Visit their websites and follow the directions for obtaining your account.

The information listed in my Schedulepoint profile is incorrect.
If you have not updated your profile since joining, then the information we have on file is data you supplied when you initially became a member. Our database is not networked with the FAA and or other government agencies, so we are not kept current on personal informational changes. For information that you cannot change in your profile (BFR Dates, Medical Dates), email that information to Member Support.

What is the 90-day Currency Rule?
In an effort to promote safety through currency, we require that all members fly at least once in a 90-day period. Our scheduling software will prevent you from scheduling our aircraft if you have not flown in the preceding 90-days. If you fly with another club or fly similar private aircraft, that time counts toward your currency.

If you fly professionally you can count your flight time toward your currency, IF:
- The aircraft DOES NOT require a type rating.
- The aircraft has a gross takeoff weight of less than 12,500lbs.

What is involved in the 90-day Currency Evaluation?
It depends on a number of factors, such as length of time since your last flight, total number of hours and general aviation competency to name a few. The flight profile is at the discretion of the Flight Instructor performing the Currency Evaluation. Depending upon your overall skill and competency, it could be a simple as doing some pattern work or a full-blown checkout. We are a safety-oriented club.