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$120 (Must be renewed ANNUALLY)
We welcome the student, the professional, the weekend flyer and the seasoned flyer.
The Membership is valid until the one calender year.
For example, join to club at March 5th 2021, membership valid until March 31 2022.
Valid 1 year and need to renew annually.
$120 (Must be renewed ANNUALLY)
If you are a Flight Instructor that will be using Westwid flying club aircraft to provide flight instruction, you may be eligible for a CFI Membership.
In order to qualify for this Membership, eighty-percent (80%) of your Club flying must be flown as a Flight Instructor providing instruction. Flight Instructors that do not meet this requirement must join as a Regular Member.
In addition, you may be required to perform a Flight Instructor Evaluation Flight to prove your proficiency.
The membership is valid one year and must be renew annually.
$20 (valid just 30 days only) This membership is available to individuals that are vacationing, on a temporary job assignment, visiting and would like to experience a different flight environment or receive additional instruction outside their home area. Before flying, you will need to be briefed by an Approved Westwind flying club Briefer, receive a Club Checkout by an Approved Westwind flying club Flight Instructor and supply documentation to support your flight experience. The membership is valid for 30-days. The membership dues are paid in advance.


Read the Operational Rules, and if you agree, click the "YES, I AGREE" button at the bottom of the page.

Operational Rules
The following pages contain information regarding the Operational Rules for scheduling and operating WESTWIND FLYING CLUB aircraft. In order to become a member, you must agree to abide to all rules set forth herein before scheduling or operating any aircraft within the WESTWIND FLYING CLUB Fleet. By clicking the I AGREE button and continuing the process of becoming a member, you are certifying that you have READ, FULLY UNDERSTAND and will abide by these Operational Rules. The Operational Rules are subject to change without notice. It is the responsibility of the member to monitor and review the Operational Rules periodically.


A. Reservations / Scheduling

1 - A member may schedule up to six advance reservations.
2 - Any aircraft reserved by a member for a cross-country flight shall not be flown by any other member until two-hours of reservation time have expired.
3 - Any aircraft reserved by a member for a any flight(local flight, touch & go, x-country flight) shall not be flown by any other member until fifteen-minutes of reservation time have expired.
4 - Members must note their destination in the comments section of their reservation.
5 - Members must cancel their reservation as soon as possible after determining the flight will not be made.
6 - Any member "no show" of an airplane reservation will be charged one hour per day at the cost of the airplane that was scheduled.
7 -WESTWIND FLYING CLUB reserves the right to reschedule members in like aircraft due to maintenance or aircraft availability.
8 ・Members will check their reservation prior to flight for membership status and aircraft availability.
9 ・A member will not act as pilot-in-command of a WESTWIND FLYING CLUB aircraft if their reservation appears in

B. Flying Regulations
1 - Only members in good standing shall operate club aircraft.
2 - Anyone receiving and providing dual instruction must be a member in good standing.
3 - Flight Instructors must meet the qualifications of the Operational Rules and Flight Instructor Insurance Qualifications in order to provide dual instruction in club aircraft.
4 - Members shall comply with all applicable Federal Aviation Regulations when operating club aircraft.
5 - It is the duty of any member to ground an aircraft that the member deems not airworthy. The member will notify the aircraft owner, maintenance provider and the base Operations Officer immediately of any maintenance discrepancies.
6 - If for any reason (weather, maintenance, accident or incident) a member cannot return an aircraft to its home base at the scheduled time, the member shall notify the owner and base Operations Officer by telephone. The member shall be responsible for the return of the aircraft to its home base within a reasonable time and shall pay all costs associated with its return.

C. Payments
1 - All member need to pay Member Fee. Must be renewed ANNUALLY. Fee detail showed above.
2 - The sum of the total flight time from the member shall equal the total flight time charges for that operation.
3 - Payments are not considered paid in full until all funds have been received.
4 - A twenty-five dollar ($25 service charge will be assessed any member for any discrepancies in payment obligations to the club.
5 - All aircraft payments must be made within 24-hours. Failure to do so will result in a twenty-five dollar ($25) late fee. Or The member who applied Monthly Charge to Club, They have to be make a payment within 7days after got bill from WWFC.
6 -A member must receive approval from the aircraft owner prior to repairs or maintenance being performed.
7 - A member on a cross-country flight shall guarantee minimum flying time of one-hour per day.
8 - A member must pay all flight charges befor scheduling for another flight. Aircraft will be released until all previous flight charges have been paid.

D. General
1 -It is the responsibility of the member to maintain current contact information in their Schedulepoint profile.
2 -It is the responsibility of the member to maintain current FAA Medical and Flight Review information in their Schedulepoint profile.
3 -All members must maintain currency by acting as pilot-in-command of a WESTWIND FLYING CLUB fleet similar aircraft every 90-days in order to act as pilot-in-command of a WESTWING FLYING CLUB aircraft. Flight time in non-WESTWIND FLYING CLUB aircraft may be applied toward the 90-day currency requirement.
4 -WESTWIND FLYING CLUB aircraft shall only be operated under FAR Part 91. Specific operations such as cargo and air taxi are prohibited.
5 - A satisfactory Club Checkout is required in the appropriate make and model prior to a member operating that make and model as pilot in command. In addition, a Club Checkout Sheet completed by the member and endorsed by the WESTWIND FLYING CLUB Flight Instructor that performed the checkout must be on file prior the member acting as pilot-in-command of a WESTWIND FLYING CLUB aircraft.
6 - Before operating as pilot in command of a WESTWIND FLYING CLUB aircraft, a member shall also meet the minimum flight time requirements for that make and model aircraft.
7 - Memberships paid via check or cash will be terminated at the end of the membership period. It is the responsibility of the member to renew their membership prior to that period to remain a member in good standing. The Club does not send renewal notices.
8 - Membership termination must be notice to operator and is the responsibility of the member.
9 - Members are granted a thirty (30) day grace period in which to rejoin the club and not incur repayment of the New Member Fee.
10 - Any member, while operating a Club aircraft, which is involved in an accident or incident resulting in any airplane, other property, or personal damage, shall be automatically and immediately terminated as a member and shall retain no member privileges. Reapplication of said member shall be subject to timely review by the Board of Directors.
11 - The Club reserves the right to deny the application of a prospective member if they been involved in an accident, incident, have been suspended or removed from a flying club or have been known to operate an aircraft in a careless or reckless manner.
12 - Membership is a privilege and can be revoked at any time by the majority of the Board of Directors for actions determined by the Board not to be in the best interests of the Club.
13 - General Membership is month to month with a three (3) month minimum. Dues are paid automatically on a recurring monthly basis until the member terminates membership.
14 - Any member, while operating a club aircraft, which is involved in an accident or incident resulting in any airplane, other property, or personal damage, report the detailes of the mishap to WWFC operator and, They have a responsibility to pay all cost when get the invoice from owner or WWFC.

I hereby certify that all the information on this membership form is true to the best of my knowledge. I understand that any falsification shall be grounds for disqualification or forfeiture of my membership. I have received, read, understand, and agree to abide by the WESTWIND FLYING CLUB. (the “Club”) Bylaws and Operational Rules. In particular, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to club rules, which states that I shall be responsible for any damages or abuse to an aircraft that I am using. I also acknowledge that I have read and agree to club rules, which provides that I shall not seek to hold WESTWIND FLYIING CLUB legally responsible for my acts while operating a Club aircraft which results in damages or injuries, whether to myself or others. I further acknowledge that I have read and agree to rules, which provides that I shall be fiscally responsible for my dues, timely flight payments and any collection fees. In the event that any damages are assessed against the Club as a result of my acts or negligence, I shall be solely responsible for the payment of those damages and for any legal fees or costs incurred by the Club in defending itself. As set forth by the club Bylaws, each member, and their heirs, successors, personal representative and assigns, release, acquit, and covenant not to sue, and shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Club, its officers, directors, agents and employees for any liability, losses, or damages that I or the Club may suffer as a result of an act by, or negligence of, the member while operating a Club aircraft. Each member must acknowledge and agree that he or she is accepting and using any and all Club aircraft in a used, “as is” condition and that the Club does not and has not repaired, reconditioned, or maintained any Club aircraft. Each member must agree to assume all risks, and assumes full responsibility for risk of bodily injury, death or property damage associated with any Club aircraft and not to seek to hold the Club legally responsible for any such defects in Club aircraft before being allowed to use and fly Club aircraft. I also agree and understand that: I will not allow non-members, whether pilots or not, to operate WESTWIND FLYING CLUB Aircraft because they are not insured through WESTWIND FLYING CLUB. All flight instructors instructing in Club Aircraft must be members of WESTWIND FLYING CLUB, and be authorized by the club’s Safety Program. I will not operate Club Aircraft if my FAA medical or Flight Review is not current. I will not operate Club Aircraft for hire, either under Part 91 or Part 135 of the FAR’s, because the Club’s insurance does not cover such operations.

I have read the Operational Rules above and fully understand them.